Reckon 5.0

Reckon 5.0

RECKON 5.0 is sun city's most innovative hackathon, where developers, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts get an opportunity to create the best possible solutions within 24 hours to emerging issues via this platform

How to get ourselves Registered At Reckon 5.0?

Step1: Register yourself by clicking on the Apply Now button and fill in all the required details.
Step 2: Create your own team or join an existing team(as this is a team-based event).
Step 3: The Reckon 5.0 team will accept your registration and then will give an RSVP link to the registered mail ID then after all the steps are completed as mentioned in the mail, you will be able to submit a solution on any problem statements.

Why Should I join?

Reckon 5.0 some say is the same as others, but What’s different from its previous versions,
So here it is, This time we are Aiming and motivated to give our participants not only a hackathon but a journey from which they’ll get a life-long learning experience, where you’ll meet a large number of tech-Savy such as profound developers, designers, entrepreneurs and especially students and professionals, who are interested in technology and problem-solving as much as you are. For many of us, it will be a Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the royal city Of “MARWAR”, and get a chance to grab your hands on the Immense prize pool of 5 lakhs !!! and much more.
So, what are you waiting for register yourselves today and be a part of this Looming Journey Of CREATION?

How will the projects be judged?

The projects will be judged based on the following criteria:

Innovation: How can someone not think of innovation while building a project in the Cluster Innovation Centre? We will be judging how innovative your project is. Does your project already exist somewhere on the internet? If yes, how is it different from the existing ones? Is it solving a problem more efficiently? Or is it a completely new idea?

Originality: How original is your project idea? We all copy code from the internet, but does your project consist only of copied code?

Social impact: How about helping humankind with your project? Is your project limited to programmers or will it be positively impacting our society? Everyone loves projects which are aimed at social good.

Technicalities: We will obviously be judging your project on how technically great it is. Maybe you created a CI/CD pipeline for your project? Or, binded Rust with Python? Or, used Docker in the deployment process?

Market readiness: We know, it is quite impossible to create a project that is market ready in 24 hours, but, this will earn you extra points! Created a website? DEPLOY IT! An Android application? ADD THE RELEASE APK FILE TO GITHUB RELEASES!

How much did you learn?: Is this your first hackathon and you ended up creating a full stack project with an automated deployment pipeline? Or, is this your nth hackathon and you created a project that you are very familiar with? Learning always pays off, and we don't want beginners to feel intimidated by experienced hackers!

What’s Free…?

The main question is what’s not, almost everything is “FREE OF COST” We aim to truly give our participants the “Hassle-free” experience for whom they registered for
Starting with the FREE Accommodation, and FREE Food including all the main course meals, starters, snacks, Energy drinks, and much more. And last but not least the “WorthWhile” Experience Which we all deserve.

Where can I find the Problem Statements?

So, this is the most important question, you can find all the Problem Statements under the prize section above ⬆

Hackathon Details -

Reckon 5.0 will be held in two phases-

PHASE 1: Solution Submission Round (Online)

it's going to be an online round where you will register your team and submit a solution for any of the listed problem statements

—---------------(Top 100 Teams Will Be Shortlisted)------------

Phase 2: 24-hour Hackathon(offline)

It's the final round of the hackathon, this will be a physical round at JIET Jodhpur, The Top 100 Shortlisted teams will be called here in offline mode to compete in a 24-hour-crazy hackathon.

Final Judgment round - Final Participants will go through 3 judgment rounds based on specific criteria, evaluated by industry experts and domain specialists. It's important to note that no team will be eliminated until the completion of the 2nd judgment round.



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2 - 4

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